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About Our Grant Programs

The primary interest of the Ova Prima Foundation continues to be support for exemplary advances in scientific, engineering, biomedical, bioengineering, and ethics research related to the Foundation's objectives, primarily at accredited universities, colleges, and research laboratories throughout the
United States and, in certain cases, English and/or German and/or Spanish and/or French-speaking countries. At this time we regret we cannot accept applications from the Virgin Islands and/or Guam. Applications to the Foundation will need the signature of the institution's president or chair,
or his or her designated signatory substitute. Most colleges and universities have official liaisons in the central development office through whom all applications are coordinated.

To apply for a grant, please email the Foundation at grants@ovaprima.org.  The subject line of your email message should read "Attn:", followed by the name of the appropriate grant officer. In the body of your email please specify to which program you wish to apply, followed by a short budget (line by line is not necessary), and an abstract of your proposal. The Ova Prima Foundation will consider all applications at quarterly meetings, and those abstracts we feel have promise will be invited to submit a full application for funding.

Science, Engineering, and Biomedical Assays of Ovaprimatological Evidence

Grant officers:
Belva Muldaur
Francis Watkins Jr.

The Ova Prima Foundation's Science, Engineering, and Biomedical Assays of Ovaprimatological Evidence program focuses on basic scientific, engineering, and biomedical assays of ovaprimatological evidence. All scientists interested in assaying the scientific, engineering, and  biomedical evidence made by ovaprimatologists are invited to apply. Grants are available for
$50,000 to $100,000 to support outstanding scientists, engineers, and biomedical assessors in their pursuit of scientific, engineering, and biomedical assays of ovaprimatological evidence.

Educational Outreach Program

Grant officer:
Eric D. Peterson

Surveys developed by the Foundation's Division of Surveys and Questionnaires have proven that the average fifth grader has, by the fifth grade, been exposed to over three hundred hours of anti-ovaprimatological superstition and pseudo-science, and less than twenty-five total hours of substantiated ovaprimatologically correct information. The Ova Prima Foundation's Educational Outreach Program supports the efforts of educators in colleges and universities to develop and actuate educational programs specifically aimed at correcting anti-ovaprimatological views in the popular culture, particularly those fostered in the educational system and on television, and
those aimed at the K-12 population. Grants awarded in the past have favored multi-media and interdisciplinary approaches to learning, including CD-ROM and laboratory-based exploration. Grants range from $50,000 to $100,000 for three to five years.

Ovaprimatological Community Awareness Grants

Grant officer:
Bakni Chiranjeevi

One-time grants of $5,000 are available to licensed not-for-profit community organizations to create, conduct, and evaluate Community Awareness of Ovaprimatological Tenets (CAOT) projects. CAOT projects are those that raise an individual community's awareness of the issues, trends, scientific validity, and history of ovaprimatological research, investigations, and
forthcoming studies. Successful applications in the past have demonstrated a need and necessity for the community's awareness and have outlined specific strategies for increasing the quality of community education, correction, and amelioration.

Grant Conditions and Requirements

Potential applicants are advised that by submitting a request they consent to comply with the following rules and regulations in the event that a grant is awarded:

1. The grantee, as a condition of acceptance of a grant, affirms the entire proceeds of the grant be used for the purposes of the project for which the grant is made. Should the project be redirected, the Ova Prima Foundation must be contacted immediately. Furthermore, the grantee affirms that none of the funds will be used to reimburse organizations or consultants engaged in fundraising, lobbying, or anti-ovaprimatological efforts.

2. Written progress reports will be made to the Foundation every six months from the stated start of the project until termination, whereupon an evaluation must be submitted within two months after termination date. A financial accounting of expenditures shall accompany each report.

3. The grantee is to secure Ova Prima Foundation  approval before media reports, press releases, or any statements are made to the media regarding the grant or the Ova Prima Foundation itself.

4. If a grant is awarded, the proceeds must be placed in an interest-bearing account and the interest is to be used only for the purposes for which the grant was awarded.

The Foundation will monitor and assess the impact of prior grants in order to determine the Foundation's future objectives in grant-giving.

Higher Education and Community Action Grants: 1999

Mount St. Mary College
Los Angeles, California
"DL7 and the Axial Controversy: Evaluating the Xiang-Xu Fossil Evidence".

California State Polytechnic University
Pomona, California
"Correlations and Correspondence Between the Oxy-Violet Trace Markings in Fossil Proto-Avian Evidence: Assaying New Levels of Etuterine Saturation".

The College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, Virginia
"'Surely You Jest, Randolph': Tracing the Early Roots of the Great Egg Controversy in Colonial America 1612-1750".

Laboure College
Boston, Massachusetts
"Electroencephalographic Coding and the DNA Record: A Substantiated Improvement to Carbon Dating".

Southwestern Oregon Community College
Coos Bay, Oregon
"The Incredible Oedipal Egg Community Educational Event".

Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio
"The DL7 Paradigm: A Faulty Approach to Oogenetic Archaeology".

Knox College
Galesburg, Illinois
"Multi-Media Project: Which Came First?"

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
"The Jackson Paradox: DL7: Peptide 'Twins' as a Molecular Binding Agent: An Examination".

Institute of Zoological Research
Berlin, Germany
"Avians und Zoologie: Eine neue Annäherung an Auswerteneialter".


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