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Unit Title: The Egg and Chicken Controversy: evaluating primary sources
Author: Jim Wiggins, Fairbank High School
Subject Area: Social Studies
Grade: 10-12
Time Required: 2 hours prep time; 4 hours class time

Learning Outcomes:

Students will learn about the different viewpoints in the debate of "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  They will exercise their critical thinking skills as they consider the various arguments in the debate.  Students will learn how to use library resources and to critically evaluate primary sources.


"Controversies in Ovaprimatology: Primary Sources", Instructional Materials Packet Three.  Available free from the Ova Prima Foundation.

Composition notebooks for student journals

Assigned Readings:

"When Scientists Disagree: The London Times correspondence of Edmund Willard and Craigorn Shippen"

"The Creationists' Viewpoint: God Created Creatures, Not Eggs.  Selections from The Book of Genesis"



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