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Unit Title: Como se dice 'huevos'?
Author: Rebecca Clyde, Sweet Apple Elementary School
Subject Area: Social Studies
Grade: 3-6
Time Required: 3 hours in-class prep time, 1 hour at-home prep time, 1 hour in class

Learning Outcomes:

Students will learn about the preparation and ingestion of eggs and egg dishes in foreign cultures. Students will gain introductory
foreign languages mastery. Students will also exert their creative skills and acquired knowledge in the creation of decorative accessories to accompany the final exercise.


Large sheets of construction paper
Marking pens
Scrap magazines such as National Geographic or Vogue International
World globe
Cookbook (such as The Little Egg Cookbook or the pamphlet from the
Ova Prima Foundation entitled Edible Yet Unforgettable: A Collection of Egg Recipes from Around the World)
Optional: Ostrich egg


Day 1:

At home, on the night before Egg Day, parents will help their child enrich their at-school learning experience by allowing them to assist in the preparation of assigned egg dish.

Day 2:

Optional: Is there an ostrich farm in your community? If so, obtain an ostrich egg and prepare a fluffy omelet on a hot plate in front of the entire class! Children are naturally fascinated by these oversized eggs, and learn from the reminder that there are other egg-bearing species than the chicken!

Picture: International Eggs

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