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Unit Title: I am a Proto-Chicken!
Author: Terry Campbell-Downes, PS-165
Subject Area: Language Arts
Grade: 3-6
Time Required: 1 hour class time 

Learning Outcomes:

Students will exercise their imaginations and use their writing and drawing skills to show what they have learned about Protoarchaeopteryx modesta, the proto-chicken.


Writing journals
Drawing paper
Crayons and markers


After a unit on Protoarchaeopteryx modesta and the Early Cretaceous period, ask the students to close their eyes and imagine the Illampi Mound Colony.  You might like to quietly review some descriptive material of what the Illampi Badlands looked like before they were uplifted - talk about the plants, the climate, the sounds, and the landscape.  Play some atmospheric music in the background.  Dim the lights.  Ask the students to pretend that they are a Protoarchaeopteryx modesta.  Then have the students spend a half hour writing in their journals.  Ask the students to describe their environment and their community.  What is their home like?  How do they get along with the other proto-chickens?  How do they take care of their eggs?  Do they have proto-chicks?    Ask them to write about the food chain - are they an herbivore or a carnivore?  Who is their predator?  What dangers do they face each day?  What is their favorite food?

This activity can be spread out over several days.  I find that many of my students also want to illustrate their stories, so be sure to give them time to explore their creativity.

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