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Unit Title: Sherlock Shell and the Case of the Missing Chicken
Author: Janet Grayling and Marcia Holst, Grover Washington Middle School
Subject Area: Science
Grade: 6-9
Time Required: 2 hours prep time; approximately 14 hours class time

Learning Outcomes:

Students embracing this unit of study will not only exercise their cross-disciplinary skills and call upon the allied fields of  language arts, creative dramatics, and the visual arts, but will utilize scientific learning to produce a forty-minute taped drama appropriate for school assembly display for grades 3-9.


"Sherlock Shell and the Case of the Missing Chicken: A Script and Tips For Improvisational Additions" by Janet Grayling. (Sample copy available from the Ova Prima Foundation.)

Audio-visual equipment, including handheld video recorder and microphone, television, editing facilities.

Improvised costumes--students should use parental assistance to bring in appropriate clothing from dad's old "thin clothes" or mom's sewing "rag bag"!

Assigned Readings:

"The Fundamentals of Ovaprimationism"

"Avioprimational Arguments: Exposing the Fallacies Behind the Arguments."



Dividing the class up into teams to work on the video can be the biggest challenge to the dedicated teacher. We recommend the following:

Actors: 12 actors minimum are required. We suggest for the extensive roles:

For the less extensive roles (the suspects "Jane" and "Ollie Stableboy", for example, or Smedley Pimples' sidekick, "Squawker"), students may double on other teams. There is also unlimited opportunity for cameos and "extras" on
the outdoor shots.

The climactic scene in which Smedley Pimples ties Sherlock Shell to a railroad track may easily be simulated with a model train set and some "realistic" sound effects!

Great fun for all involved!

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