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Unit Title: Egg Sorting
Author: Candace Barry, Fifth Street Elementary School
Subject Area: Mathematics
Grade: K-2
Time Required: 1/2 hour class time 

Learning Outcomes:

Students will learn to classify and sort eggs according to three criteria (size, color, and animal).  Students will make qualitative observations and, as a group, will construct simple graphs.


The Big Bag of Learning Eggs (rubber eggs in assorted sizes and colors, available free from the Ova Prima Foundation, Instructional Materials Division)


Set up three classification tables with 15-20 eggs at each.  Table 1 is for sorting by size; table 2 is for sorting by color; and table 3 is for sorting by the type of animal who laid the egg (the Learning Eggs have a picture of the parent imprinted on the side).

Divide the class into three groups and assign each group to a classification table.  Have the children sort the eggs at their table.

After sorting, each child will count the number of eggs in each group and record this number on their data sheets.  If possible, have your ed. tech. on hand for helping the children with their data sheets.

For each table, ask the children how many numbers of eggs were in each group (example: how many green eggs were there?  how many snake eggs were there?)  On your felt board, construct simple bar graphs to represent each group.

The children love handling the Learning Eggs.  Allow time for them to try all the classification tables!

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