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Spring-Summer 2006

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Egg Tempera and the Italian Renaissance: Painting with the Manna of the
Christian God

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks discovered the secrets of Egg Tempera, but it took the Byzantine Empire to perfect this oldest of painting techniques into a true and enduring art form.  Dr. Arturo di Manotti, professor of art and art history of the Italian Conservatory of the Arts, will treat participants in this very special session to a history of the art form, especially concentrating upon those artists who found the glazes of egg tempera to be the perfect medium for religious representational art. Were these artists with their centuries-lost techniques indeed closer to the Creator defined by the Orthodox churches of the day?  What political and mercantile forces brought about the end of tempera painting and the dominance of oils and the impasto?  What efforts are being made to  preserve the egg tempera masterworks of yesteryear?  Olderhostel participants will also gain some "hands-on" experience with modern tempera. (Sable brushes not included in materials course fee.)

Cost:  $360.00
Program Date:  March 12 - March 15
Program #:  410-34745-A

The Egg and I: A Workshop in Reflection and Dramaturgy

The Ova Prima Foundation's Arts and Humanities Outreach Program is proud to present famous stage actress Beau James in a very special one-week Olderhostel session available on a first-come, first-registered basis.*   Miss James has appeared with much acclaim nationwide in such famous community theatres as the Barter Theatre in Virginia, the historic Haymarket Theatre of Jacksonville, Florida, the Forty-Eighth Street Theatre of New York City, and the Pantages Theatre of London, Ontario, with her one-woman show, "The Egg and I," described in the London Observer as "a searing monologue on the nature of creation and spiritual rebirth."

Participants will be treated to a personal performance of this dramatic work on the first night of the session, followed by personal and exploratory sessions in creative dramatics over the next five days led by the actress herself.  Topics will include creative journaling, improvisatory exercises, skits, scripting, and vocalization.

* Previous participants in OPF Olderhostel sessions will be given priority, due to the limited nature of this very special session.

Cost:  $500.00
Program Date:  March 15 - March 18
Program #:  422-49585-A

What's included in the Olderhostel Short Programs:

  • Three nights accommodation
  • Nine meals
  • Classes, course-related field trips, and all admissions
Accommodations:  The Ova Prima dormitories, offering double occupancy suites with private bath, sitting room, and patio, are located on the lovely Ova Prima Foundation campus.  Or if you are traveling the country in your recreational vehicle, you can set up camp at the Ova Prima Foundation's RV and Motor Park, a 20-acre campground with complete hook-ups just a short walk from the educational facilities. 

All meals are served in our 5-star dining facility by a professional culinary staff.  Special diets can be accommodated.

The Ova Prima Foundation campus also has a 9-hole golf course, heated indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzis, sauna, horseshoe pit, and nature trails which are available for you to enjoy during your free time.

Picture: Olderhostel flagIntensive Field Study Programs

The "DL7 Controversy": Fact or Fallacy?

Nothing has created such a storm among ovaprimationists as last year's implication by renegade theorist Alan Jackson in the scientific literature that the chemical compound "DL7" (diliptic
septaniloxymonochloristalpolypeptide) is solely responsible for the change in the Cretaceous fossil record from early, anaxial fracture tendency to the axial fracturing tendency typical of later Cretaceous shards. Jackson's bold new theory completely contradicted the previous (and universally accepted) theory by ovaprimational traditionalist Dr. Frederich Blott that the change in axial fracturing cannot be attributed to a sole source, but was a combination of thousands of years of evolutionary change in a fluctuating environment denied homeostatis.

If diliptic septaniloxymonochloristalpolypeptide was indeed the primary--if not the sole--catalyst for this divergent change, what was the source of diliptic septaniloxymonochloristalpolypeptide? How was the diliptic septaniloxymonochloristalpolypeptide absorbed into the calcium barrier of
the shell? And most importantly, does diliptic septaniloxymonochloristalpolypeptide have a suspected "peptide molecular near-twin," as proposed in recent speculation by the Ova Prima Foundation newsletter?

Participants will be treated to an initial session at the Ova Prima headquarters to cover the 'hard science' of the raging controversy, followed by a site visit to Narrow Flats, Colorado, where last year a team of crack archaeologists funded by the Ova Prima Foundation uncovered the nation's
largest bed of Cretaceous shard fragments yet to be unearthed.  Participants will then learn testing techniques, the use of biochemical markers, and will be able to view their own discoveries under the electron microscope, with the assistance of Dr. Margaret Edwards, OPF trustee and sometimes professor of experimental biology at Stanford University.

Cost:  $2,400.00
Program Dates:  May 21 - May 30
Program #:  659-32938-I

Picture: Olderhostel flagActive Outdoor Programs

Return to the Illampi Badlands

Follow in the footsteps of Craigorn Shippen and Edmund Willard as they set off on their famous expedition to the Illampi Badlands.  This course will begin in London with a visit to the Royal Geographical Society and to the British Museum.  Students will view the Archives of the RGS which house the original transcripts planning the expedition, the expedition's notes, and Willard's diaries.  Curators at the British Museum will conduct a tour of the Shippen/Willard Collection, including a rare and special viewing of the Illampi Clutch.  The class will then board the SS Pepperdine setting sail for Iquique, Chile.  On board, class participants can attend lectures on basic archaeological techniques, vertebrate paleontology, and llama-handling.  Students will want to tone those muscles with lots of shuffleboard and time spent in the ship's fully-equipped gym in preparation for the rigors ahead.  In the interests of time, the class will fly over the Andes (the expedition walked) and then trek in to the Ova Prima Illampi Badlands research substation.  Under the tutelage of Dr. Herman Thorpe, associate curator of the Ova Prima Natural History Museum, the class will spend ten days digging at the Illampi Mound Colony and mapping outlying nesting areas.  Students taking this class should be in excellent physical condition and not averse to primitive living conditions.

Cost:  $7,500.00
Program dates:  April 28 - May 15
Program #:  132-49482-O

Picture: Olderhostel flagPerformance Programs

The Ova Prima Living History Project: The Hawkes-Murray Trial

Not even the great stock market crash attracted as much attention as the infamous  Hawkes-Murray trial in the year 1929, which garnered more press headlines in the Chicago Tribune than any other single story that year. Yet the trial is all but forgotten today, despite its direct connections to the then-nascent Ova Prima Foundation.

When Morton Myers Hawkes, mayor of Parton City, Illinois, decided in 1927 to declare the chicken the official bird of Parton City, few citizens demurred. Until, that is, the mayor and city council erected a plaque declaring the chicken was created by an almighty deity. Almost immediately noted radio commentator and amateur scientist Philip Corrs Murray leapt into the fray to challenge the separation of church and state; Murray's virulent condemnation of "supernatural hokum" and his eloquent testament to the cause of science have inspired ovaprimationists to this very day. Even the most famous of his quotes from the trial is set in gold mosaic in the Ova Prima Foundation's main office lobby floors: "Let us look not to primitive man's fears for inspiration. Let us look to our future, and to our beginning--let us look to the egg."

In this very special Olderhostel project, participants will be assigned to work with real historians, and with the original documents of the day, in order that their immersive experience in the history and culture of the period result in a highly realistic reproduction of the closing arguments of
the trial itself, to take place in the actual historic courtroom where the original trial took place. Participants assigned to the plaintiff will work with reproductions of Philip Corrs Murray's "proto-chicken" models and have an opportunity to tour and work in the historic Murray house laboratory in Parton City.

Many of our Olderhostel participants have taken the course twice, in order to act as both plaintiff and defense! All participants may take home as a memento of this very special seminar a videotape (available in Beta and VHS) of the trial--it's a sure-fire conversation piece!

Cost:  $1,500.00
Program Dates:  June 5 - June 14
Program #:  979-12049-P

Picture: Olderhostel flagIntergenerational Programs


Picture: On-line courseKids just love dinosaurs!  Share some time with your grandchild or some other special child in your life with this on-line course on dinosaurs.  Dino-Madness! is a fully-animated, interactional web-based course that is exciting and fun for both kids and grown-ups.  Learn all about protoarchaeopteryx and the other great dinosaurs.  Watch as these remarkable theropods lay eggs, raise their young, and struggle to survive against natural calamities.  Educational games and activities for all ages.  Help your young ones to learn about how the egg came first and learn a few new things yourself!

Cost:  $25.00
Program #:  439-09269-E

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