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A student working on the recently rediscovered Illampi Clutch
TITLE: Echineal Durability Studies and the Vitelline Membrane: Assessing the Various Archaeoevaluatory Methods of Investigating Membrane/Morphogenetic Traces in Sedimentary Deposits

AUTHORS: Dr. Herbert Bell (Ova Prima Foundation), Marcia Nottingham-Tregorin
(Ova Prima Foundation), Elizabeth Montague Prouch (Boston University)

ABSTRACT: Most previous studies, in considering the remnants of fossilized jurasinae consider the vitelline membrane to be negligible in the overall durability of the enchalcinated shell; however, recent assays of erthryocilene-extruded specimens from the Illampi Clutch indicate that vitelline proteins, once elintricated in form rather than the more common supralintricatedly connected forms currently seen in the modern ratotype, once played a vital role in the overall formation and protoovoid structure of jurasinae ovoforms. The authors firmly believe that studies specifically isolating the vitelline proteins in future clutch remnants will lead to an echineal timeline in which the morphogenesis of protoovoid forms may be extrapolated from even the most vitrifolified fragments.

TITLE: Eine Abhandlung auf die Eier der Kupplung Illampi: Studien im alten Huhn des vergangenen Jahres

AUTHORS: Georg Knichtenfel (Universität von Bronn), Tiffany Rhys-Knichtenfel (Ova Prima Foundation)

ABSTRACT: Alte Hühner, in ihrem Entwicklungsrennen zum Überleben die Fleischfresser und die Gefahren der alten Welt, wurden erzwungen, um stark geschälte Eier zu entwickeln schnell, um ihre Nester vor Fleischfressern zu schützen. Die DNA-Veränderungen, betriebsbereit studiert unter dem Elektronenmikroskop, prüfen, daß die schnelle Veränderungkinetik von Vogelbelastungen in der Bemühung, das harte geschälte Ei zu entwickeln zu Veränderung in anderen Bereichen außerdem führte, einschließlich der erhöhten Verschiedenartigkeit der Größe und der Federart sowie eine massive Verringerung des konkurrenzfähigen Verhaltens, wie durch Prüfungen der  Kupplung Fossilien extrapoliert.

TITLE:  Parthenogenesis, Phyllatic Reproduction, and the Oogamete: Towards a Reconciliation of Fertilization and DNA Conservation Among Egg-Bearing Species

AUTHORS:  Dr. Katrina Reese, Ova Prima Foundation, and Dr. Reston Flohr, Johns Hopkins University

ABSTRACT:  An examination of "self-cloning" parthenogenetic species reveals that many of the sub-focal self-preservation routines at the genetic level nominally tending to exclude the protogenetic osmoconological phtyokenetic processes can contribute in a lateral sense to other phtyokenetic processes as well, including the oogamete's prolapsetical binary division in the initial stages of ovulation. Under controlled laboratory circumstances it was proven that genetic stresses in the oogamete indeed result from hypogenetic replicates under eelyosymmetrical stressors. The results of this experiment have been twice duplicated under independent testing outside the auspices of the original testing conditions.

Recent Publications

(Article reprints may be obtained, free of charge, by writing to reprints@ovaprima.org)

Picture: Applying electrodesHargrave, Ann-Marie; Sylvestro, Bonita; Maxwell-Camply, Susan; Phillips Jr., George:  "Egg as Focal Point: Oviod Aids in Labor-Related Pattern Breathing", Journal of Gynecology, Obstetrics & Natural Childbirth 214(5): 1134-1141.

Abstract:  Study participants (women between 25 and 34 in active labor with cervixes dilated no less than 7 centimeters) were asked to use an egg as focal point for concentration during labor contractions.  All subjects had planned on giving birth naturally and were trained in pattern breathing which is proven to reduce stress and pain during labor.  The control group (Group A) was given a plain white chicken egg as a focal point.   Group B used a brown chicken egg as a focal point.  Subjects in Group C were provided with small blue robin eggs and Group D were given ostrich eggs.   Heart rate, blood pressure, and brain waves were monitored for physiological response to contraction pain.  The women are also asked to objectively rate their perception of pain on a scale of 1 to 10 after each contraction.  Final results demonstrated that Group B experienced lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and lower EEG frequencies.  Group B data from the electroencephalogram printouts showed a higher incidence of alpha and theta waves (3.2 - 14 Hz), whereas all other groups plotted high beta waves (>25 Hz).  Group B subjects' perceptions of pain were significantly lower than all other groups (p=.0013).

The DL7 Controversy

Jackson, Alan: "Effects of diliptic septaniloxymonochloristalpolypeptide on the anaxial fracture tendencies of Early Cretaceous shard fragments", American Journal of Archaeological Oogenetics 132(10):625-632.

Blott, Frederich: "The fossil record speaks: an enviro-evolutionary defense of axial fracturing",  American Journal of Archaeological Oogenetics 132(11):342-346.

Jackson, Alan: "Can you teach an old scientist new tricks?  I guess not.", Letter to the Editor, American Journal of Archaeological Oogenetics 133(1):4.

Blott, Frederich: "The shamans of post-modern oogenetic archaeology", Letter to the Editor, American Journal of Archaeological Oogenetics 133(2):179.

Bunker, Mathew M.: "Lessons in Resignation: Craigorn Shippen's Crisis of Faith", God, Man, & Science 3(12): 120-121.

Abstract: A discussion of Kierkegaard and how Craigorn Shippen came to faith in God through infinite resignation and an embracing of the absurd.  Betrayed by his friends and repudiated by his colleagues, Shippen found he could not renounce his ovaprimatological theories, but was forced to resign himself to the reality that they would not be accepted by the scientific community in his lifetime (an absurd impossibility).   Through this resignation, Shippen was able to renounce his ambitions (a finite possibility), stepping out of finitude and ultimately into the eternal consciousness.  This article includes lengthy excerpts from Shippen's diaries and chronicles Shippen's journey toward faith and God which solaced him at the end of his life.

Picture: A model of a proto-chickenTaton, Belinda, "Defender of Democracy: Phillip Corrs Murray and the Hawkes-Murray Trial", American Heritage 154(10): 34-35.

Abstract:  A biography of radio commentator and amatuer scientist Phillip Corrs Murray and his involvement in the Hawkes-Murray Trial which was held in Parton City, Illinois in 1927.  Murray, an amateur lawyer, electrified the nation with his rousing defense of the separation of church and state.  Murray viewed himself as a "common man", but nevertheless he stood tall as a defender of democracy in a time and place where such arguments were viewed as atheistical and even traitorous.  The article includes photographs of the famous "proto-chickens" that Murray, an amateur modelmaker, constructed as exhibits for the trial.


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